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Cypress Bjj Kids Martial Arts Classes

Welcome To Team Tooke Cypress Bjj Academy The Offical Ribeiro Jiujitsu Affiliate for Cypress Tx.



Now Your Own Child Can Get Access To World Class Martial Arts
Instruction That They’ll Not Only Love, But It’ll Also Improve
Their Own Self-Confidence, Self-Discipline and Positivity!

“Martial Arts Including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Is Now Available
For Adults and Also Kids Aged 4-13 In The Cypress, Bridgeland, Townlake And Blackhorse Master Plan Communities!”

                              Martial Arts For Both Adults & Children 

With a Commitment To Excellence!

Are you an adult or a parent of children who’s interested in getting into Martial Arts, including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? If you are, then Team Tooke Cypress BJJ Academy has what you’re looking for. 

Here at Team Tooke Cypress BJJ Academy, our #1 mission is to provide world class martial arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training and instruction to both young kids as well as adults. We believe in teaching a healthy lifestyle that can impact the lives of adults and children now, and also in the future. 

We’re fully committed to excellence in all aspects of our student’s lives, that teach and implement the positive foundations of Integrity, Respect, Humility, Family, Dedication, Unity and Teamwork in everything we do. 

If you’re a parent who’s interested in enrolling your own child into a kid’s martial arts program, then we have exactly what you need. 

By enrolling your own child in one of our programs, including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), your child will enjoy a number of healthy benefits including…

· Having a positive and constructive outlet that will allow your child to develop into a strong, disciplined and confident young individual.


· Helping them gain the inner confidence needed to face the problems of bullying and violence in today’s school systems in a positive way.


· Helping them improve their own health, clear their mind, be physically active, burn off stress, and help them ward of childhood obesity.


· Improve their overall mental attitude, self-discipline and control, and become more adaptable to the changing (and challenging!) world around them.


· Improve their own academic success in school by becoming more mentally focused, and more self-disciplined, to achieve any goal they put their mind to. 

As an adult or a child who wants to learn martial arts or even Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the benefits can have a positive impact in your life now and in the future. Our amazing instructors take great care in what they do, how they teach and are deeply passionate about helping adults and young kids learn the most fundamental skills in martial arts, the right way. 

We provide a professional, yet fun environment where everyone is treated like family, and the area is always clean, safe, and positive. We believe in keeping our standards of excellence in everything we do as high as possible in order to provide the best martial arts instructional services that we can. 

If you would like to enroll yourself, or your own child into one of your programs, please be sure to read the information below…

About Us

Team Tooke Cypress Bjj Head Instructor and Owner Professor Miguel "Mike" Castro

Team Tooke Cypress Bjj Blackbelt Professor Miguel Castro.


 Seeing the shy, insecure and week individual transform into a Strong, Confident, Disciplined and Fit Leader. 

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Modern Studio



4500 sq ft facility

2600 sq ft of mat space

2 training areas

Kids/Parent classes running simultaneously 


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Our Philosophy


Our values, known as the 6 Blades, define us: Family, Honor, Respect, Attitude,

Loyalty, and Discipline. Our mission is to expand Jiu-Jitsu and build a legacy based on

hard work, quality of life and help people achieve their dreams all over the world.

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Team Tooke Cypress Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

16718 House Hahl Rd, Suite L Cypress, TX 77433, us

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Monday - Friday: 3pm - 8pm

Saturday: 10am - 11:30 am

Sunday: Closed

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